MiniBoard for Symbian

Add a virtual keyboard to your S60 phone

MiniBoard is designed to make text input easier. With its help you can enter text efficiently by using the joystick and soft keys without using the number buttons:

Left sot key

  • short held down: Space
  • longer held down: Menu

Right soft key

  • short held down: Delete (same as backspace)
  • longer held down: Switch between character layers (you can do the same with the keyboard's layers buttons)


  • in motion: Moving between the characters
  • held down: Select character


  • New: Create a new document.
  • Save: Save the current document.
  • Documents: List the documents created this far (the name is made up from the first few characters of the document).
  • Clear: Clear the current document.
  • Fullscreen/Restore: Show/Hide the keyboard.
  • Jump to notes: Switch to the Notes application of the phone where we can send the created document in various ways (short message, multimedia, e-mail, Bluetooth, infrared) or save it as a note. The Exit button can be used to exit both of the applications.
  • Help: The help window
  • About: Information about the product
  • Exit: Can be used to exit the application

A handy virtual keyboard application for your Nokia 7650

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